Shumba means Lion


Real Assets

Group Shumba assists individuals and funds with entry in to real estate markets in North America & Africa. Our skills include advisory, facilitation, training, management and funding.

Micro Funds

At the center of our venture investing is our proprietary microfunds approach. Using the small, single asset funds, we invest in commercial real estate and other ventures on behalf of clients.

Agro Models

Our Markets Advisory team is experienced in frontier agriculture business models. Our experts help develop agro models in Africa, and Americas regions, including systems to monetize them globally.

​​Fund Building

Our team is experienced in setting up Family Offices, and Private Equity Funds that invest in distressed assets. We help build a fund, make introductions to investors, & develop investment strategy.

Turnkey Investing Program

The goal of Turnkey Investing™ is to shorten your learning curve when it comes to investing in real estate in the USA, South Africa and Australia markets. Our advisors make targeting, acquisition, fixing, and managing your investment property as successful and painless as possible. We prioritize and teach strategies that make our turnkey investors more effective when it comes to building generational wealth, and impacting communities. As a turnkey investor, you are able to rapidly learn the art of investing in real estate and of building a private real estate wealth portfolio, while not mandated to do the dirty work of finding, fixing, funding and selling or managing the properties. With the help of our specialist advisory teams, you can target strong and growing markets in the USA or other regions we are active in, find distressed properties that are heavily discounted and our specialists will have experts fix them and sell or pass them on to management on your behalf.


Group Shumba has partnered with Koeller Miller Assets, Dentons and Africa based portfolio companies in order to setup the first fund that is driven by the African Diaspora community. With a contribution target of $1 Billion, the fund's focus is twofold; invest in Real Assets and Tractable Technologies.