About Group Shumba

We Build Cities that Move Nations

Philosophy of Impact

Doing Good is Good for our Business . Group Shumba places its clients’ interests center stage and seeks to create value in the long term for all stakeholders. 

Culture of Collaboration

We Work with others to achieve a common goal. We move nations by collaborating widely on solutions, communicating plainly about priorities, and listening intently across generations. 

Focus on Investment

Our firm Invests for a return on people, planet, and profit.  Our people must improve, our business must increase, our environment my get better for us to continue to enrich people, shape communities and grow economies.

Exclusion Statement

Group Shumba does not get involved in activities that have a negative effect on people and the planet, wherever in the world it operates. For example, we do not want to be involved in the financing of the production of cigarettes or the development of new coal fired plants. Even though it may be permitted by law – we don’t consider this to be ecologically, socially and ethically responsible.

Who we are

We are an urban investment and asset management firm on a mission to help businesses, people and governments build cities that move nations.

Why we do this

To stand as a force for good in developing nations by raising the standard of living in urban areas, shape communities and grow economies.

What drives us

People drive us. Seeing them achieve financial upward mobility, upgrade their lifestyle and meaningfully contribute to urban areas.

Investment Strategy & Capital Structuring
Deal Structuring
Kadi Kanote
Asset Management
Urban Development
Project Advocacy (Africa)


In stimulating a sustainable economy: Not only do we critically select our business partners; we also encourage clients to do business more sustainably and we offer them our expertise to this end. Our urban sustainability guidelines are tailored to specific sectors of the economy. Sustainability guidelines can also be used as a guide to determine how best to develop urban spaces, and ventures. It’s not only the environment that benefits, but our clients’ working conditions and brands. This way, we join forces for a sustainable economy.


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