Urban Insights
No nation has ever achieved middle-class income status without urbanization. Globally, urbanization rates keep ascending, and the world is faced with a gigantic set of challenges coming out of demographic imbalances. While most of North America, Europe and China are seeing their populations diminish in numbers, Africa, Asia and the middle east are staged for...
Africa is urbanizing at twice the rate of Europe Africa’s urbanization rate has had a profound effect on its continental communities. According to the OECD, Africa is currently urbanizing at twice the rate that Europe did. The urban migration rate in Africa’s total population increased from 14% in 1950 to 40% in 2016. OECD experts...
4IR Impact on Future Cities Technology has evolved in fundamental ways since the fifteenth century. It’s progression from the first industrial revolution to the current 4th revolution, technology has changed with regard to demands placed on it by people and their way of life. How people live, work, interact, and respond to negative situations has...
African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA) Two-thirds of the investment in urban infrastructure needed by 2050 has yet to be made to accommodate the growing urban population in Africa. African economies have long lagged behind their global counterparts, various leaders had failed since 1963 to reach a consensus on a collaborative approach to continental economic...

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Urban Investment Strategy

Group Shumba targets investments in urban markets with high urbanization rates, growing population and with a high appetite for economic renewal.